HTC Vive Price Revealed, Start Saving Your Pennies

Vive shipping

If you’ve been eagerly awaiting pricing information on the Virtual Reality collaboration between HTC and Valve, you can breathe a bit easier today. Or harder, depending on what you were hoping. Today at Mobile World Congress the HTC Vive price was revealed. For $799 you will get the Vive VR headset in addition to two … Read more

Steam Spanish Translators On Strike: Their Side Of The Story

A Steam translator and ex-moderator from the Spanish Steam Translation Server team (STS), Victor, took to Reddit to air some grievances he and his team have against the digital distribution platform. According to Victor, or \Victor as he states, a specific Valve employee has caused much of the problem that has led to the Spanish … Read more

Valve Gives Blessing To Fan Made Half-Life 2 Sequel, Due In February

Mention the Half-Life franchise in the right setting and you will get a mix of looks. Some will be of eyes filled with joy and hope, others with pure disdain. The latter of course from the crowd that has become weary of hoping and hoping and hoping of finally seeing a true sequel to their … Read more

[UPDATED] Left 4 Dead Takes On Zombie Army Trilogy In Latest Update

Left 4 Dead fan? Zombie Army Trilogy fan? Now you can have the best of both worlds with the latest Zombie Army Trilogy PC update as all 8 survivors from Left 4 Dead 1 & 2 join the fight against Hitler’s undead zombie army. UPDATE (08/21/2015): A Rebellion spokesperson responded to our question about the update coming to console versions … Read more

UPDATED: Half-Life VR? HTC Says Maybe; Backtracks And Apologizes For Confusion

Virtual Reality seems to be the buzz word that everyone wants to get a hold of. Quite why mobile companies are obsessed with the progress of VR is baffling. Companies like Samsung have thrown their hat into every ring they can find as per usual, but one surprise entrant into the market yesterday was HTC … Read more

Valve Puts Pressure On Twitch By Announcing Steam Broadcasting

Valve has recently announced Steam Broadcasting, a new feature of their popular PC gaming platform that will allow anyone to watch other players “with a click of a button.” In its current state, the service is not quite as robust as its main obvious competitor, Twitch, but it’s an interesting step that could make some real … Read more

Get Your Wallet Ready – The Steam Exploration Sale Is Here!

Valve has announced one of their many pillagings of your wallet that occur every year, this particular one dubbed the “Steam Exploration Sale.” The sale runs from November 26th to December 2nd, and just like every year, will feature dozens of games just so cheap that you’d be crazy not to buy every single one on … Read more

Are You Ready To Rock? Steam Integrates A Music Player Into Its Service

Valve mentioned adding a music player to it’s Steam service back in the winter of this year and yesterday Valve made it official.  (I bet you thought this was about Half Life 3… it is NOT confirmed) Basically, it’s a convenient in game music player for your MP3 collection allowing you to rock out to your favorite … Read more

Valve Has Imagined Steam In The Virtual Reality World, So You Didn’t Have To

Virtual reality gaming is coming folks. This is not going to be some passing trend that will fade off into the night. Sony and Microsoft have both played in the 3D gaming world but VR is a whole different beast. The immersion of the user into the game itself is what I think will set … Read more