Using your smartphone in bed could cause temporary blindness?

smartphone in bed

Who would have thunk it and is it true? Using your smartphone in bed (or in dark conditions) could cause temporary blindness and “wreak havoc” on your vision. Doctors say two women went temporarily blind due to checking their smartphones constantly in the dark. In Thursday’s New England Journal of Medicine doctors tell the story … Read more

Researchers Find That Google Glass Obstructs Your Vision

Researchers at the University of California, San Fransisco have done a bit of research on Google’s pricey set of eyewear. From a limited sample size, they’ve concluded that wearing Google Glass can block a user’s peripheral vision. The researchers tested three users, who were given an hour to acclimate themselves to Glass. Each participant wore … Read more

Night Vision – Coming Soon To Contact Lenses


Night vision devices have played a part in any number of movies, tv shows, and video games as well as their prominent use in real life – mainly by the military and law enforcement.  One thing has always been true of these devices: they’ve always been fairly big and bulky.  The University of Michigan is looking to change all of that with a recent breakthrough in light detection. 

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