Alcatel Idol 4S $349 with VR headset

Alcatel Idol 4S

Could the era of a more reasonable priced flagship smartphone finally be creeping up on us? ZTE announced the Axon 7 with amazing specs priced at $399USD, which competes with OnePlus’s OnePlus 3 with very similar specs. Now Alcatel is putting up their Alcatel Idol 4s up for pre-order at the affordable price of $349USD … Read more

Daydream Is Google’s Answer To Mobile Virtual Reality

We didn’t quite get to all of the news announced during yesterday’s I/O Keynote, so we’re back today with some additional announcements. It had been long rumored that Google would unveil their newest Virtual Reality headset at their I/O event, and it seems that those rumors were at least mostly true. Daydream is Google’s vision … Read more

Google Cardboard Officially Launches In The UK And Three Other Countries

Cardboard Camera Viewer

Google Cardboard, The cheap VR headset for your smart phone has been launched on the Google Store today for the UK, France, Canada and Germany. Google Cardboard was supposed to bring Virtual Reality to the masses, But the search giant has been cautious about releasing their own official viewers. The US only got the official viewers from … Read more

Huawei Comes Out With A VR Headset Of Their Own

Look out HTC, Oculus Rift, and Samsung, you have a new contender to the virtual reality game. Huawei recently announced that they will be coming out with their own VR headset to go against the competition. It’s not too late for the Chinese phone manufacturer to join, but Huawei VR will have some ground to … Read more

HTC Attempts To Quell Vive Shipping Concerns

Vive shipping

HTC seems to have gotten off on the wrong foot when it comes to Vive shipping management. Users have been in a clamor expecting their new Vive’s to be in their hands but HTC has experienced some delays in the chain. Some users have even cancelled their orders for the device feeling HTC has not provided … Read more

Oculus Responds To Facebook Advertising Questions

Facebook advertising

Facebook advertising brings in huge amounts of money into the social network giant, and questions have arisen concerning Facebook advertising on the Oculus Rift. Part of the Oculus terms and conditions says you’ll agree to sharing certain aspects of your Oculus experience with the company. The terms and conditions also state that the data that is … Read more

Hoping To Use Oculus Rift On A Mac? You Might Be Waiting Awhile…

With the Oculus Rift virtual reality system launch just around the corner, Mac users are finding themselves out of luck — and according to Oculus co-founder Palmer Luckey, the system might never gain Mac computer support. Speaking with Shacknews, Luckey bluntly stated that Oculus Rift support depends entirely on Apple: “That is up to Apple. … Read more

Virtual Reality Roulette Debuts in London


Virtual reality is slowly taking the world by storm. Sure it is nothing like James Cameron’s Avatar and his venture into 3D, nor is it as fabulous and widespread for the next best mobile device but it is slowly getting there. We are overly cautious of course, since the first great VR revolution literally “crashed … Read more

Oculus Announces Pre-Orders For Oculus Rift Bundles

Oculus has announced a series of Oculus Ready PC bundles that have been “battle tested and certified by Oculus to deliver an incredible Rift experience.” The first bundles will go on sale February 16 at Best Buy, Amazon, and the Microsoft Store starting at $1499USD at 8am Pacific Time, and feature desktops from ASUS, Alienware, and Dell. … Read more

Report: Google VR Headset Will Compete With Gear VR

Google VR headset

We already know that Google isn’t a stranger to virtual reality, after all they have had Google Cardboard out for awhile now. But there’s a new report that the company is working on releasing a Google VR headset and will release it as early as this year. We’re not talking Cardboard here, we’re talking Samsung … Read more

Apple Virtual Reality: The Media Hype Has Begun

Apple virtual reality

Apple virtual reality wasn’t really talked about until just a few days ago when we all heard that iPhone sales were slumping. The company hadn’t even hinted at working on any sort of virtual reality program, and then Tim Cook went ahead and said virtual reality wasn’t a niche product. It’s very interesting that just a … Read more

ELEGIANT VR Shinecon Review: Alternative To Cardboard

VR Shinecon review

Virtual reality is all the rage these days, especially since Google introduced Google Cardboard along with the Cardboard app. Suddenly there are a huge amount of options for VR headsets all over the Internet. Today we look at one of those offerings, this is our ELEGIANT VR Shinecon review. Design The VR Shinecon is designed … Read more

Alton Towers To Open Virtual Reality Roller Coaster

Alton Towers has announced plans to open a virtual reality rollercoaster ride on which passengers wear virtual reality headsets. The Staffordshire-based adventure park said Galactica would open in April, following two years of planning. It is resort’s first big new ride since one of its roller coasters crashed in June, seriously injuring five people. Visitor numbers have … Read more

Uncanny Valley Short Blurs Line Between Reality and Virtual Reality


A Vimeo Staff Pick, Uncanny Valley, is a short film written and directed by Federico Heller, which explores the blurred lines between reality and virtual reality in (presumably) the not too distant future. Given that we’re on the verge of virtual reality devices becoming mainstream, with products such as Occulus Rift and HTC Vibe coming soon, … Read more

View-Master Review: A Classic Toy Reimagined With Virtual Reality


Depending how old you are, and at the risk of dating myself, you may remember the View-Masters of old. In case you’ve never seen or heard of it before, the original View-Master whisked kids away through the use of discs that had photos on them. You could get discs for space, destinations, nature, cartoons, you … Read more

Netflix Developing App for Oculus


A new Netflix app for Samsung Gear VR has been released. The app allows members to access a virtual Netflix Living Room and enjoy Netflix programming from a virtual couch when using the Gear VR headset. With all of the mainstream focus on hardcore virtual games and abstract environments, Netflix is looking to fill the demand for … Read more

World’s First Fully Spherical Camera Ships To Consumers


Virtual Reality, or VR, is starting to become more mainstream and with it the need for consumers to create their own VR or fully spherical content. Bubl Technology Inc. have started shipping the world’s first fully spherical camera for consumers to Kickstarter backers and pre-order customers. The Bublcam captures a full 100% spherical range in both photos … Read more

Comcast Ventures Invests In Social VR Company AltspaceVR


Like a lot of other technology based companies out there Comcast is investing money into Virtual Reality (VR), more specifically social VR. Social virtual reality is a new space and is hedging its bet that users will want to interact with each other through social channels using virtual reality. It’s an interesting concept and one … Read more

HoloLens Developer Release Should Come In One Year


There’s a buzz and excitement over Microsoft’s HoloLens but you’re not going to see it in consumer hands for a long while. The product is on a Microsoft mandated five year journey so they can really work on research and development. Even after that period it’s likely that only businesses and enterprise customers will be … Read more

Seven Patents That Suggest Apple May Be Doing Something Big

It’s nothing new that companies file hundreds to thousands of patents a year. While it may lead to such silliness as the patent wars that went on between Apple and Samsung, it can also give us common folk a peek into what companies are possibly up to. Apple is no different, as the company files … Read more

Companies Behind Star Trek and Google Street View Create 360 Degree VR Film

White Room: 02B3

Virtual Reality has been in the news a lot lately, and with good reason. Content creators are seeing it as an exciting new way to engage viewers in games, films, and education software. Luckily for them and us, there is also no shortage of platforms to develop for, with Google Cardboard, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Microsoft HoloLense to … Read more

What Will GoPro Do Next? Virtual Reality and Drones Of Course

We’re all too familiar with GoPro. You know, the company who makes wearable POV video cameras. They’re starting their next journey, but this time, to a different level: Virtual Reality and drones. While VR doesn’t sound that different from what the cameras do now, it’s a different take on how it all comes together to … Read more

Google Virtual Reality To Take On Oculus Rift


The virtual reality world is still young and ripe for innovation, Oculus VR is the big name on campus at the moment and has the backing of Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg. Zuckerberg scooped up Oculus in a forward thinking investment hoping to get a leg ahead of other companies who might have been thinking of tapping … Read more

AMD Releases Virtual Reality SDK at GDC

Advanced Micro Devices, more commonly known as AMD, is a popular chipmaker based in Sunnyvale California. While many companies are venturing into the VR market, AMD is the latest, announcing “Liquid VR,” at the Game Developers Conference today. Liquid VR is an SDK that will allow developers to create higher quality virtual reality content with a … Read more