Automatica One Dive Watch: Durable, Rugged, Stylish, And Battery Free


Mansfield Time has launched a Kickstarter for the Automatica One Dive Watch that features durability, versatility, and affordability while utilizing automatic movement which powers the watch by the movement of your wrist. Featuring a rugged stainless steel case, robust band options, a sweeping automatic movement, dual sapphire glass, and extreme water resistance, the AUTOMATICA ONE offers an … Read more

Nixon Unveils The Mission, An Android Wear Watch For Extreme Sports

It was starting to get quiet in the world of Android Wear and smartwatches in general for a while, but the last few days have brought about a flurry of new announcements and devices headed our way. Fossil introduced its two new models; Casio gave us the Smart Outdoor Watch; Michael Kors announced a hideous … Read more

Timex Metropolitan+ Review: Basic Activity Tracking Without The Distractions


I’ve tried the smartwatch route, and while they do what they advertise, I found them to be a bit too much. I’ve also tried the Google Fit smartphone app route to track steps and daily activity but I don’t always carry my phone with me, especially when it’s sitting on my desk at work or on … Read more

TAG Heuer Launches Its First Android Wear Watch: The TAG Heuer Connected

In what will be remembered as one of the oddest presentations ever, TAG Heuer CEO, Jean-Claude Biver took the stage with all the exuberance of a Steve Ballmer/Roberto Benigni admixture and delivered something thought impossible: too much cowbell. There was also cheese and some confusion regarding what a computer is. But most important was the announcement of a beautiful and … Read more

Timex Metropolitan+ Activity Tracking Analog Watch Now Available


Back in September we brought you news of Timex’s latest product – the Metropolitan+ analog activity tracking watch which blends the functionality of an activity tracking band with the look and feel of a traditional men’s analog watch. Using Bluetooth, the Timex Metropolitan+ connects to an app on your smartphone that tracks your daily activity … Read more

New Analog Watch With Fitness Activity Tracker Announced By Timex


Smart watches are all the rage lately, and there are numerous options available. Then there are the dedicated fitness watches and bands for those that want something a little less complicated. For those wanting the functionality of a traditional wristwatch and fitness activity tracker, Timex has the solution. The Timex Metropolitan+ uses Bluetooth technology to … Read more

Samsung Gear 2 Watch Coming To T-Mobile This Fall


Samsung has officially announced the Samsung Gear 2 watch and T-Mobile has also announced they will be carrying the device this fall. In an email sent to press T-Mobile confirmed they will be carrying the watch and users can add it to their existing plan for $5 a month with one of T-Mobile’s new “wearable … Read more

Huawei Watch Goes Up For Amazon Pre-Order


If you’re looking to buy the new Huawei watch you can run over to Amazon and pre-order it right now. The price tag on these beauties start at $349 and run up to $799.99 for the gold version and the following specs are listed on Amazon’s page. 1.4″ Full Circle AMOLED display with scratch resistant … Read more

Lenovo Hints At Summer Phone And Watch Release

It looks like Motorola might be coming out with their first new phone, apart from the Nexus 6, since their acquisition by Lenovo. It was only two years ago that we were eagerly awaiting what they were going to bring to the table after the acquisition. Unlike Microsoft with the Nokia rebranding, Lenovo say they will … Read more

Steve Wozniak Talks Cars, Watches, and Artificial Intelligence

Steve Wozniak has a trusted voice in the tech world. While his opinions, as are everyone’s, are obviously biased, he does not shy away from honesty, talking tech bluntly and candidly, rather than beating around the bush. He did just that, and talked about cars, watches, and artificial intelligence in a recent interview with the … Read more

Possible March 9th Launch Of Apple Watch?


iMore’s Rene Ritchie revealed that Apple has announced a March 9th event named “Spring Forward”. Rene’s thought, ours as well, is that this could very well be the announcement of the Apple Watch. Apple is playing on daylight savings time, which begins March 8th. The Apple Watch, much like many of Apple’s other products, is highly … Read more

LG G Watch R Review: Stylish But Falls Short

gwatch review featured

Round is cool. That’s just a fact – wheels, money, Oreos… they’re all brilliant. We’ve only seen two attempts at round Android Wear watches, and just one if you count the flat tyre of the Moto 360. Why there isn’t more, only manufacturers know. Most have adopted the safe haven of a square. So here … Read more

The Moto 360 Review – Out And About


  The Moto 360 Review – Out And About – Chris Wilson When I first saw the Moto 360 pictures turn up online I was taken aback. Finally, this looked like a Smartwatch that would be a well designed and tasteful watch as well as functional tool that would make life simpler. At the time, … Read more

Analyst Claims He Has Details About Apple’s Smartwatch


Let’s be clear here, until the fruit company makes an official announcement nothing any analyst or leakster says will hold water. That being said, Brian Blair of Rosenblatt Securities claims he has details about Apple’s possible smartwatch which he says come from a Taiwanese supply chain for Apple. I usually try to avoid articles like this but the source site is Pocket-lint and I had to laugh at the headline for their story (Apple iWatch details leak, said to look like the Moto 360). The reason Mr. Blair and Pocket-lint say the Apple smartwatch looks like the Moto 360? Because it is round. Yes it is round. Which kind of makes it look like a hundred different watches on the planet doesn’t it?

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Kairos, The Sexy Smart Watch You SHOULD Be Drooling Over

Kairos Gold Weather

Kairos Silver TwitterWearables are the hot new category that everyone is interested in and we all are waiting to see how it will shake out. We already have Pebble, Samsung, and several others fighting for the space of smart watches. We expect an iWatch and we have seen Android Wear in devices like the Moto 360 and LG G Watch. I personally have used several different smart watches and there is one watch that has caught my eye intensely. That watch is the Kairos Mechanical Smartwatch Hybrid.

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