Researcher finds some Google Nexus chargers may be defective

Google Nexus

We’ve reported in the past about Google engineer Benson Leung’s crusade to test USB Type-C chargers and cables for defects. Benson has tested a huge amount of cables and chargers and has given his feedback on them all. His work has inspired others to do their own testing and quality control of these types of … Read more

Prisma is the new mobile editing craze of the moment


Editing photos on your iPhone or Android device is basically a requirement these days for any social media post. Whether you use Instagram, Twitter, Google+, or Facebook, posting a picture without at least one filter is passé.  The latest mobile editing craze is Prisma and admittedly I got on the train using the iOS app. Now … Read more

Google Chromecast three years later

Google Chromecast

It is very rare that a device comes out that is not only affordable but available to a large number of people without signing a contract. That’s what happened three years ago today when Google Chromecast was released for purchase (Chromecast Day). Three years ago I called the Google Chromecast an every man’s gadget due … Read more

MESUIT brings Android to your iPhone


If you’re one of the rare users out there that doesn’t hold a loyalty to iOS or Android and like to use both, MESUIT may be for you. Jijia, a Chinese company, has just launched MESUIT which looks like an iPhone battery case but houses much more capability. The case offers expanded battery life, expandable … Read more

Google Play Books makes reading comics easier with Bubble Zoom

As much of the media we consume increasingly goes digital, we end up staring at our phones and tablets quite a bit. For many things, this can be a pretty pleasant experience, with greater clarity and contrast than traditional media. For other things, you might just have some issues due to a smaller screen. Comic … Read more

Google points DeepMind AI at data centers, reduces cooling bill significantly

Since acquiring DeepMind Technologies back in 2014, Google has been having all kinds of fun using AI for various tasks. They’ve recently partnered with Moorsfield Eye Hospital to help scan for early signs of disease, they’ve even taught the AI to play Go — and win. Machine learning has come a long way in a short … Read more

Latest update for Google Hangouts lets you record and send video messages

Google has begun rolling out an update on the Play Store for the company’s chat application Google Hangouts. The update is said to add support for recording and sending video messages to your friends and family. With the update installed, you’ll be able to send out video files to contacts, which is ideal if you wish … Read more

New cast option comes to Google Chrome, can mirror to Hangouts

Google Chrome has new cast options

Google Chrome users how have new a new cast option in the latest stable release of the web browser. In order to cast from Chrome, users were required to use a Google Cast extension from the Chrome Web Store. Now, users who have Chrome 51 or higher installed will find a new “Cast” option listed … Read more

Try YouTube Red and Google Play Music before you buy for up to four months

Play Music offers four month trial

It looks like Google is trying to entice new music subscribers this holiday weekend with new offers for Play Music and YouTube Red. The search giant is apparently using July Fourth and the Independence Day holiday to offer a four-month trial. That’s right. If you sign up for Play Music or YouTube Red, the company … Read more

Tech Miser: Bye bye Evernote, maybe

smartphone sales

If you’re like me and have been using Evernote Basic for years, you may have gotten the same email I did on June 30th from the Evernote Team.  It starts with a headline that reads “Evernote Basic is changing.” Then they get to the nitty gritty. At Evernote, we are committed not only to making … Read more

Do Apple, Google, have too much power?

There’s no doubt giant tech companies have a few advantages over many of the rest of us. Unless you’re a multi-billionaire there’s the obvious advantage of the bankroll of these companies. Those giant piles of cash allow companies such as Apple, Google, and to grow and absorb other smaller companies, which in turn often … Read more

Android N name revealed, prepare for Android Nougat


The proverbial cat is finally out of the bag. As is tradition with new Android version names, Googlers crowded around to see the unveiling of the newest Android mascot for Android N. The curtain was pulled away and we were left with… Introducing #AndroidNougat. Thank you, world, for all your sweet name ideas! #AndroidNReveal … Read more