Canceled Nokia McLaren gets a hands on review showing 3D Touch

Nokia McLaren

The last we heard from the Nokia McLaren was the cancellation of the project back in 2014 along with some leaked photos of the device. Now Windows Central has managed to get some hands on time with a Nokia McLaren prototype which you can watch below. The Nokia McLaren specs were respectable back in 2013-2014 … Read more

Microsoft offers free laptop to upgrade to Windows 10

free laptop

Microsoft really wants you to upgrade your old Windows OS to Windows 10. They want it so badly they’re willing to give you a free laptop to get you to upgrade. But wait a minute there are, of course, caveats to this. You have to bring your current “fully functional” Windows 8 laptop to a … Read more

Microsoft releases first Xbox One UWP app to Preview participants


One of the benefits of upgrading the Xbox One to run on a version of Windows 10 was the inclusion of Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps. UWP apps allow developers to code one version of a Windows 10 app and it will run on both Windows 10 and the Xbox One. While the functionality has … Read more

[UPDATED] Xbox One background music, Xbox Play Anywhere dated


While it was announced at E3, Xbox One background music is finally coming to the console on August 2nd with the Windows 10 Anniversary Update. The background music feature will allow gamers to play their music while playing games at the same time. The much requested feature will launch on the console alongside Language Region … Read more

Microsoft makes final free Windows 10 push with fullscreen ad

The free Windows 10 upgrade is making one final push.

As we near the first anniversary of Microsoft’s Windows 10 and its free Windows 10 push, the company’s tactics are getting more obtrusive. The Redmond company has spent the last year using whatever tactics it could to get people to upgrade. While some have seen mandatory upgrades to the update auto-installing on its own, it … Read more

Tech Miser: Bye bye Evernote, maybe

smartphone sales

If you’re like me and have been using Evernote Basic for years, you may have gotten the same email I did on June 30th from the Evernote Team.  It starts with a headline that reads “Evernote Basic is changing.” Then they get to the nitty gritty. At Evernote, we are committed not only to making … Read more

User wins $10K judgement against Microsoft for Windows 10 upgrade


Teri Goldstein, of Sausalito, California sued Microsoft over a failed Windows 10 upgrade and has been awarded a judgement of $10,000. That’s right. Ms. Goldstein claims the forced upgrade to Windows 10 made her PC run poorly, prone to crashes, and unusable. Performing any Windows upgrade can sometimes result in unwanted problems but when it … Read more

Clutter and junk and spam, oh my!


It is a widely known fact that many executives, doctors, lawyers, and business associates of all types have personal assistants. These real life personal assistants are often amazingly efficient at making the executive’s life easier. They pick up coffee and always get it right, they know the schedule and if squeezing in a lunch meeting … Read more

Microsoft Buying LinkedIn For $26.2 Billion

buying LinkedIn

Microsoft has announced that it is buying LinkedIn for a cool $26.2 billion dollars in an all-cash transaction while keeping CEO Jeff Weiner in place. LinkedIn has positioned itself as the social network for business professionals and is both loved and hated. While many companies do much recruiting and job placement on the social network, many … Read more

Microsoft Drops Microsoft Planner On The World

Microsoft Planner is rolling out.

If you happen to be a Office 365 subscriber then access to the new Microsoft Planner is in your future. As of yesterday, the general availability for Microsoft’s newest service came to pass. According to the Redmond company, the rollout for the service is happening for Office 365 customers throughout the world. Those included in … Read more

Microsoft Posts DIY Guide For Magic Mirror With Facial Recognition

Let’s admit it, we are vain creatures. We created “selfies,” a term and a whole market space around the concept of taking photos of ourselves and making the world look at them. But in order to look good in selfies, we spend countless hours of preparation in front of mirrors; brushing, shaving, combing, picking, smearing, … Read more

Xiaomi To Ship Android Devices With Microsoft Office And Skype Preinstalled


Xiaomi and Microsoft have reached an agreement which will see Xiaomi shipping Microsoft Office and Skype on their Android smartphones and tablets. In addition, the deal includes a patent transfer and cross-license agreement, of which specific details weren’t made available. “We are excited to be working closely with Microsoft on a broad technology collaboration partnership,” said Xiang … Read more

Facebook & Microsoft Partner For “MAREA” Sub-Atlantic Internet Cable

We’re all spending more and more time online, and companies are doing everything they can to make that experience better. To that end, Facebook and Microsoft are teaming up to build “MAREA,” the highest-capacity subsea Internet cable across the Atlantic Ocean. Both companies have received clearance for the cable, which will run from Virgina Beach, Virgina … Read more

Torrex Pro Torrent App May Be Coming To Xbox One


With Microsoft’s Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps hitting the Xbox One just around the corner, an interesting app has been updated which would allow it to run on the console. VLC, a popular media player app, has already announced its intentions of coming to the Xbox One, and now the Torrex Pro Windows 10/Windows Phone app … Read more

Microsoft To Ban Terrorist Content


Microsoft has taken a bold step to ban terrorist content that comes across their online services as the Internet becomes an easy avenue for distribution. Terrorism in any form is becoming a daily battle for the global community and questionable content has seen an uptick in recent years. Microsoft acknowledged that the Internet is a … Read more

Microsoft Selling Off Feature Phone Business

We all love smartphones,  and so does Microsoft.  The next step down toward “dumb” phones is the feature phone — not as featureless as a dumb phone, but having fewer features and flexibility than a smartphone.  There’s a market for those, too.  But, for a phone maker, at the cost of maintaining focus on its … Read more

Xbox Live Pricing Will Be Changing Soon For Some Countries

No one likes seeing price increases on items they frequently purchase or in general, but some times it has to be done. Microsoft has confirmed that Xbox Live pricing will go up in six different countries. Those countries affected by the price increase are Austria, Hungary, Israel, South Africa, Sweden, and Turkey. The reasoning behind … Read more

Bing Ads Blocks “Computer Support” Ads From Its Ad Network

It was only a couple of days ago that Google decided to stop allowing ads for Payday Loans. A move that was applauded by many, as reducing predatory lending options benefits many. In a similar move, Bing Ads has decided to block ads for any “Computer Support” services from their ad network. A move that … Read more

Lenovo ThinkPad P50 Review: A Preeminent Workstation Laptop Worth Every Penny


Let me summarize this for you if you are in a hurry; and if you’re the kind of person that needs this kind of device, you probably are: this is the best laptop I have ever used. Now, if you have a few minutes, my Lenovo ThinkPad P50 review will explain why this member of Lenovo’s … Read more

Microsoft PowerApps Will Let Business Employees Create Apps Without Coding

Are you a business owner or employee who needs to create an application to get specific data on the go, but don’t have enough down time to learn coding or funds to have someone build an application for you? If so, then Microsoft is here to help you out. On Friday Microsoft announced that it … Read more

Cortana Will Now Only Work With Bing And Edge


Cortana is Microsoft’s digital assistant, and much like Apple’s Siri (but better) and Google Now it aims to try and make the user’s life a little bit easier through voice assistance. Cortana was introduced in Windows 10 after being on the Windows phone operating system for some time, and it’s even made its way onto Android … Read more

TV Station Gets Windows 10 Upgrade Prompt On Air

Windows 10 Upgrade

Windows 10 upgrade: some of us have done it, some of us haven’t. There are many reasons why people have gone ahead and done the Windows 10 upgrade and many reasons why some haven’t. Local news viewers of KCCI TV in Des Moines, Iowa now know for sure that at least their meteorological computers are … Read more

Get A Free Lumia 950 When You Buy A Lumia 950 XL For $649

If you were waiting for a great sale to give the Windows powered smartphones a try, the Microsoft store is holding one right now that gives you two great phones for the price of one. If you put down $649 for an unlocked Lumia 950 XL Microsoft will throw in an unlocked Lumia 950 for … Read more

Microsoft Word Flow Keyboard Has Serious Potential

Word Flow Keyboard

The Microsoft Word Flow Keyboard app has hit the iOS App Store as a free download for all iPhone users, and it has serious potential. I’ve been highly critical of almost every third party keyboard on iOS including my Android favorite, SwiftKey. I’ve yet to find a keyboard with swiping capabilities that works well and … Read more

A New Windows Insider Build Is Here

Windows 10 Pro

Microsoft came up with the Windows Insider program to get feedback from users who don’t mind testing out unstable software and today, Insiders are getting a “major” update. While the mobile version is only one build newer than the last one (released on Wednesday), the desktop version is getting updates to the Start menu, Windows Ink, improvements … Read more