Soon you’ll be able to use your iPhone for ATM withdrawals


The days of using your plastic debit card to withdraw money from an ATM could be coming to a close with Touch ID ATM withdrawals. FIS and Payment Alliance International have announced they’re converting 70,000 ATM locations with the Touch ID withdrawal feature. Customers will open an app and access the machine by holding the iPhone … Read more

New ransomware encrypts files and corrupts Windows’ MBR


Viruses and malware are becoming more sophisticated as time goes on. One of the more notorious viruses is the Petya ransomware which corrupts a Windows computer’s Master Boot Record (MBR). If the MBR is corrupted, the computer can’t boot. Petya then used a second Trojan to encrypt PC files. A new ransomware — dubbed Satana (or … Read more

NBCUniversal wants to track BitTorrent pirates in real-time

NBC Universal

NBCUniversal has patented a new method to track users of peer-to-peer file sharing services in real-time. Companies like NBC Universal and others have long battled internet piracy of their protected content. BitTorrent services like the Pirate Bay have been a long standing method for pirates to share copyrighted material over the internet. But it’s important … Read more

Sharing your Netflix password? You could be a criminal

Netflix password

Are you sharing your Netflix password with family and friends? The U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals says you are now could be a criminal. The court found that sharing a password is prosecutable under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA) possibly making millions into criminals. Sharing a Netflix password is pretty common place these days … Read more

Non-Play Store Pokémon GO Android app Droidjacked

Pokémon Go Android

Security firm Proofpoint is reporting at least one non-Play Store version of the Pokémon GO Android app has been found to have Droidjack installed. Pokémon GO has become a pretty big hit and people were clamoring to get their hands on it even before it was released. One of the advantages, or disadvantages depending on how you see it, … Read more

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey hacked by OurMine

Jack Dorsey

The hacking group OurMine is at it again, this time hacking the Twitter account of Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey. The group has already hit Mark Zuckerberg and Google CEO Sundar Pichai‘s social media accounts. The group made a statement going after Jack Dorsey on the very social media platform he runs. The group is proving that no … Read more

TP-Link forgot to renew its router configuration domains


Most routers come with a web panel to allow the consumer to edit the configurations. While you can access it with an IP address such as, some manufacturers provide you with a domain, which they believe is more convenient than an IP address. TP-Link uses two such domains: and TP-Link, however, seems to … Read more

Lenovo, HP, other OEMs hit with UEFI bug in BIOS

security breach

Lenovo has definitely had some software issues on their generally high-quality hardware of late, though in this instance they aren’t the only ones affected. Security researcher Dymtro Oleksiuk located a vulnerability in the BIOS of some Lenovo computers that bypasses some aspects of Windows Security. In his post related to the issue on Github, Oleksiuk described the … Read more

The 10 biggest data breaches infographic

data breaches

Data breaches are becoming common place, and that really is a shame. From LastPass to Vtech and Apple to Blizzard, here are 10 of the biggest data breaches in infographic form. As you can see, data breaches have been increasing in number over the years. Even companies like LastPass and Apple, whom most people feel are … Read more

Factory Reset Protection bypassed on some HTC devices

Factory Data Protection

Back in March Android Authority reported on a video done by Rootjunky on how to bypass Android Factory Reset Protection. Well, Rootjunky is back and this time has managed to bypass several HTC models’ Factory Reset Protection. Factory Reset Protection, when enabled, is designed to not allow others into your device. If you lose your … Read more

Sundar Pichai’s Quora account hacked


Hacking group OurMine is at it again, this time managing to hack the Quora account of Google CEO Sundar Pichai. Previously the group managed to hack Mark Zuckerberg’s non-Facebook accounts as well as Spotify CEO Daniel Ek. While Zuckerberg was hacked for having a very bad password, Pichai’s account was compromised through a “security vulnerability” OurMine … Read more

TeamViewer responds to Techaeris editorial


Yesterday we ran an editorial written by guest author Max Emelianov in which he discussed the recent TeamViewer security issues. TeamViewer has reached out to us to refute much of what Mr. Emelianov wrote in his editorial. In an effort to be fair and present our readers with both sides as they see it, we are publishing … Read more